Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I first heard about GlamGlow and their face masks about two or three years ago, everyone was talking about them, everyone wanted them and they were supposedly the best face masks on the market.

Now, when a product or brand gets as much hype as GlamGlow did I am usually reluctant to purchase the particular product or brand until the hype dies down and if a few months or however long later they are still receiving rave reviews I might try them.

Nearly every person was giving rave reviews and generally not saying anything negative about them, I always found (and still find) it dubious when that happens, so I was really curious as to whether the masks were really as good as everyone was saying and claiming they were. I know in the past when I hear constant rave reviews of various products I’ve gone and bought them only to be disappointed in some way.

I managed to get my hands on a sample and I was eager to give it a go so I didn’t hang around. I was blown away. I mean, I just couldn’t believe how great it is.  I never expected it to work as well as it did.

It was pricey, it was around €50 euro at the time that I paid, it was the most expensive face mask I’d ever tried and the price was partly why I was so reluctant to purchase it. I have since repurchased it twice. I always feel guilty when handing over the cash for it because of how expensive it is, I’m always think “€50 for a face mask, am I mad?” but then I think of how good it is and I know it’s worth it.

A tub of this lasts me about six to eight months. I have heard of people having issues with their masks drying out, I myself haven’t experienced that, thankfully. As you can see mine is well loved. I bought this before Christmas and have used it regularly.

I like to use a paint brush style foundation brush to apply a nice thin layer of this to my skin, so I get a nice even layer without using too much product. I use this one by Ruby & Millie which is similar to the MAC 190 Foundation Brush.

I find this just applies the right amount of product and gives an even layer too so there isn’t too much in one area and not enough in another.

GlamGlow Supermud 1

This mask has a liquorice scent to it, which I don’t mind as it doesn’t linger after I rinse the mask off my face. The mask is a charcoal grey colour that turns to a light grey when it has dried.

I love how my skin looks and feels after I use this mask. It really does make a difference, and for €50, it would definitely want to make a difference.

I would absolutely recommend this mask, but I would recommend trying a sample of it first before splashing the cash on this one by GlamGlow because of how expensive it is, you don’t want to hand over €50 only to discover it does’t work for you, doesn’t suit your skin, leaves you disappointed etc. €50 a lot of money and especially for a face mask, even if it is fantastic.

GlamGlow is available to purchase in Boots and online at Look Fantastic.

Boots also have this GlamGlow Multimasking Kit for €40 which contains a small tube of each of the following masks.

  • Supermud Clearing Treatment 30g
  • Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment 7g
  • Gravitymud Firming Treatment 7g
  • Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment 7g
  • Flashmud Brightening Treatment 7g
  • Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment 7g

I have a sample tube of the Hydrating treatment which is supposedly 15g so these masks are half the size, expensive for what they are but the set might be better if you want to try out the different masks to find out which ones work for you.



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